Best Quality Bullet Proof Helmet for Police and Military



Aterial: Alloy steel board, which provides highest energy absorption and fastest
Shock wave dissipation. With high tenacity but lightweight, now it applies
In ballistic field widely. Protection level reaches standard NIJ IIIA.

The following are main merits of this kind of helmet:
1) Soft and light
2) Moistureproof and waterproof
3) Effective protection capability and high specific energy absorption
4) Protecting accompanier: Bulletproof UD fabric layers can lock bullet so that it
Don’t reflect to hurt your accompaniers
4) Materials: Alloy steel board
5) Bulletproof class: Grade NIJ IIIA
6) Resist type: 54 gun, plumbic core bullet 7.62mm
7) Protective area: 1, 130cm2
8) Helmet weight: 1, 800g


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