The independent rear suspension helps ensure your trips are comfortable, on smooth and rough roads alike. Capability. It defines what the Expedition is all about.

The 5.4L V8 is engineered to put the torque where it’s needed most – delivering 85 percent of peak torque at just 1,500 rpm. That’s important for pulling a big load from a dead stop. Multivalve technology (three valves per cylinder) allows the engine to breathe freely, increasing horsepower. The 5.4L engine generates 310 horsepower and 365 lb.-ft. of torque. All that power is transmitted to the drive wheels by way of a 6-speed automatic transmission. Its wide 6-gear spread helps the engine generate lots of low-end torque (for tasks such as towing) and provide efficient operation in 6th gear overdrive on the highway. This engine is also flex-fuel capable, so you can run on E85 fuel, gasoline, or any mix of the two.

Whether you need seating up to eight passengers, to keep the kids preoccupied with a movie on a long trip, or lots of space with a flat load floor for cargo hauling, the full-size Expedition SUV is designed just for you.

Ford Expedition offers advanced technology to help keep you in touch with your environment and make life easier on the road. The available voice-activated Navigation System with SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link, among its many capabilities, can help you find local fuel prices and get traffic updates.


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