FORD F-550

Built on the tried and true Ford F-550 chassis this armored cash in transit vehicle is ideally suited to meet the requirements of clients needing to move their valuables with a crew of up to five. INKAS® has the safety of crew and cargo in mind when designing armoring for this vehicle for real life situations.

Rugged and heavy duty, the Armored Ford F-550 CIT is built to last and take on any obstacle in it’s path. The V10 Triton 6.7L SACT and 6-speed Automatic Transmission fuels this vehicle for long distance Cash-In Transit operations and can easily accommodate the extra payload of armor and crew. In addition to the standard features of four disc brakes with ABS, Climate control, AM/FM Radio and power steering, INKAS® offers armoring levels up to CEN BR6 able to stop 7.62mm rifle ammo. More in the way of security, INKAS® has many other armoring options to customize this chassis to fit any requirement a client might have.

The armored Ford F-550 cash in transit vehicle is hands down a great vehicle for protecting anything from diamonds to cash to anything in between.



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