High Quality Police Flashlight with Strong Light (SDAA-3)



Police Flashlight


1, Size: Φ 26 *150 (mm)
2, Weight: 180g
3, Material: 6061T6 aluminum alloy air
4, Lighting distance: 120m
5, Current: 700mA
6, Highlighted in a row lighting time> 3 hours
7, The working hours in a row> 5 hours
8, Bbattery capacity: 2200mAh
9, Service life: 1000
10, Charge time: About 4 hours
11, Lamp: 3WLED
12, Luminous flux: 100lm (lm)
13, Color temperature: 6000 ~ 6300K
14, Life: 100, 000 hours


1, The front-end products are the first to attack, attack with pain, the role of the uniforms; High-power solid-state light sources using LED, LED brightness up to more than 100lm, with high-capacity lithium battery, large-capacity, long life, low self-discharge rate and economic environment, Before the use of battery voltage check whether there is 3.6V.
2, The outer surface of the depth of anti-slip handle, beautiful light, can be carried in pocket, easy and convenient to operate. Lighting design in-house circuit to prevent the charge, short-circuit protection device.
3, The service life of up to 100, 000 hours, continuous lighting time is greater than 3 hours, the cycle of the battery life of about 1000.
4, Sealing the entire design in the 1-meter underwater operation, high-alloy shell hardness, and resistance fall of 1 meter to achieve a high degree of fall does not affect the function of high and low temperature resistance, high temperature performance, in a variety of adverse environmental conditions, use of.


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