High Quality Police Thumb Cuff (SDHA-1F)



Product Description:

1). Material: Carbon steel
2). Surface Finish: Nickel, chrome and black gun covering are available
3). 3 independently moving ratchet bars. The total of 19 teeth provides extra locking positions
4). Rotating arm back loads for speed cuffing
5). Precision engineering ensures rotating arm swings through the handcuff, engaging the ratchet bars every time
6). Double locking mechanism
7). Two standard keys are provided with each Handcuff


Product Thumb cuff
Category Military Technical Equipment
Place of Origin China
Material Carbon Steel, Stainess Steel, Nilon
Color Silver
Anticorrosion 6-Level
Durability more than 6000 times
Standard GA/T172-2005 for metal handcuffs
Usage Open and close smoothly, reliable self-locking and anti dial function
Key Words Handcuff


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