HINO 338


This armored cash in transit vehicle based on the Hino 338 incorporates a high payload capacity with plenty of room for cargo as well as 2-3 person crew. It offers ballistic protection up to NIJ IV/CEN BR7. This truck was fully designed and built in-house at the INKAS® plant in Toronto, Canada, using certified and tested light-weight armoring materials.This armored cash in transit truck is perfectly suited for hauling large payloads and a 3 person crew. There is more than enough power to do all that with 260 horsepower and 8L diesel engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Among its security features are a smart locking system specifically designed for cash in transit usage as well as video surveillance of both internal and external viewpoints. The cabin is completely protected with 360-degree perimeter protection including an overlap system designed to stop bullets from penetrating through the door seams. The payload area is completely configurable to conform to any client’s specifications.

The armored cash in transit truck based on the Hino 338 is a fortress on wheels and will more than satisfy the requirements of any bank or large asset transport agency.



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