Hot Sale High Quality Cut Resistant Gloves (SDAA-ST1)



Cut-resistant gloves

This product is made of stainless steel filaments and
1, Low elastic polyester fiber
2, Polyester high strength and high elastic fibers
3, Bullet-proof and high PE fiber woven elastic fibers.
With exceptional resistance to cutting, abrasion, anti-electrostatic charge characteristics of conventional gloves, soft, washable.

Use as follows:
1, Wear gloves to reduce the dagger, triangularscraper, glass, stones and your spirit of cutting injury;
2, The conventional method of washing and cleaning gloves available, do not be stored in dry and ventilated clean office;
3, The gloves caused by the cutting device is damaged, can not continue to use;
4, The product should be use under 100º C, but not with the fire exposure.


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