Metal Anti-Riot Shield



Police PC anti riot shield for police or army
1. Material: Metal
2. Sizes: 90*50 (according to your request)
3. Function: Anti riot and with electric shock
Police PC anti riot shield for police or army
1 Features:

1). Material: Metal
2). Sizes: 50*110 (according to your request)
3). We have different model for you to choose.
4). Thickness: 3mm/3.5mm
5). Light weight
6). Anti impact
7). Protection Standard: GA422-2008
8). Thickness: 3mm/3.5mm

2. Accessories:
A) light weight handle made of high intensity material
B) EVA forearm cushion design for arm
C) Adjustable Arm Straps Webbing

3. Packing:
6 PCS/carton
Various sizes optional


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