This APC is widely used by Police forces, SWAT, and other Security Agencies in North America and around the world. It is designed to provide protection and mobility, along with a high level of comfort to its occupants in all climates across all terrains.

With a Heavy Duty Truck chassis, this vehicle remains exceptionally reliable in the most demanding conditions, thanks to the custom designed axles and other key components upgraded to exceed OEM standards and to provide increased weight capacity and reliability. INKAS® APC is equipped with advanced blast and ballistic protection, handling and maneuverability, increased tire size as well as significantly improved ground clearance. The armored vehicle is equipped with many armoring features such as ballistic glass, vehicle floor armoring, roof armoring and INKAS® proprietary overlap system protecting all occupants from all directions.

With this vehicle, Paulight Group® has cultivated a team of renowned engineers who have successfully created a class above the already-impressive previous generations of armored personnel carriers.


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