Having been built on a Freightliner M2106 RVC chassis makes this vehicle a sound choice for armoring. Custom engineered by Paulight Group®Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, this armored riot control vehicle is a world-class crowd dispersal tool.

Being both super manueverable and fully armored, this vehicle offers law enforcement personnel piece of mind while driving straight into harms way. Powered by a monster Cummins diesel engine pumping out 295 horses and a whopping 1000ft-lbs of torque allows a driver to push stationary vehicles out of the way with ease. Equipped with high pressure water pumps with regulated nozzle pressure, chemical additive tanks, a fire extinguishing system, adjustable-height ram-bumper to clear heavier obstacles and surveillance equipment with recording capability, makes this riot control vehicle very versatile. Providing protection for the crew, Paulight Group® has fully armored this vehicle to withstand multiple high velocity rounds as well as shrapnel from detonations.

Best in the riot control market, the Paulight Group® Armored Riot Control Vehicle is hands down the most versatile option available.


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