Road Block with Remote Control (SD series)

Remote control car stop roadblocks enhanced by high-performance plastic block and stainless steel were deflated a combination of the hollow needle, using mechatronic remote control device, easy to operate, safe and reliable, may at any time based cards, mobile deployment, without affecting the normal way smooth, is related to law enforcement departments need to set up card to intercept the suspect vehicle indispensable advanced equipment.




1) Adjustable trestle can be opened and closed
2) Anti-corrosive and sharp steel nails on the trestle
3) Glue covers nails to ensure safety
4) The air pressure of the tire can separate the nail from the trestle
5) Gas released within 30 seconds
6) Max. Intercepted length: 5m
7) Intercepted width: 185mm
8) Total thorns: 120/170pcs
9) Thorn length: 40mm
10) Weight: 17kg
11) Pedestal material: PA + PE
12) Thorn material: Stainless steel tube


Product Road Block
Model SD series
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Material Stainless steel/Alloy aluminium/Plastic
Length 5m/7m/10m
Bear weight 20T
Usage Police/Military/Anti-riot/Security
Key Words Road Block


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