Base Vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 2018
Fuel Type Gasoline diesel
Engine 5.7L V8 EFI DOHC Gasoline 4.5L V8 Twin turbo diesel
Transmission Automatic Manual or Automatic
Max Power 381hp @ 5600rpm 235hp @ 4500rpm
Length 4,991mm 4,991mm
Width 1,971mm 1,971mm
height 1,920mm 1,920mm
Protection Level B4, B6, NIJ4, B7* B4, B6, NIJ4, B7*


Standard Armoring Package:
‐360‐degree perimeter including firewall, roof, floor protection
‐OEM Glass replaced with multi‐layer Ballistic glass
‐Reinforced door hinges and door supports
‐Battery and ECM protection
‐Suspension reinforced
‐Runflat devices installed in all wheels
Premium Armoring Package (standard with Protection Level NIJ4 and CEN B7)
‐Entire suspension system replaced (dual reservoir shock absorbers, rear
stabilizer bar, poly‐urethane bushings)
‐Entire brake system replaced (6‐piston FR, 4‐piston RR, cross drilled and
slotted disks, large area brake pads, steel‐braided hoses)
‐OEM wheels replaced with US DOS‐approved Hutchinson runflat system
Additional Accessories:
‐Multi‐tone Siren/PA system
‐Emergency lights package
‐Fire suppression system (underbody, engine bay, fuel tank)
‐GPS tracking equipment
‐Radiator protection with additional cooling fans
‐Engine bay ballistic protection
‐Rear tail‐gate armoring (no bulkhead)
‐Self‐recovery winch


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