Yukon Daneli XL


Main requirements:

  • Engine: 4.2L or more
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Automatic;
  • Drive rtranins: 4WD (All wheel drive);
  • Fuel economy EPA highway (mpg): 25 and EPA city (mpg): 18
    Multi-point injection fuel system
    25 gallon main unleaded fuel tank
  • Doors, Roof and Floor – High Hardened Ballistic Steel and or Ballistic Nylon ;
  • Pillars and Posts – High Hardened Ballistic Steel;
  • Radiator Protection


The TSJ1390LT-H is a vehicle mounted very high power jammer designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices Used by terrorist.

The TSJ1390LT-H is using state-of-art technology for maximum performance and jamming the signals transmits to activate bombs.

The unit controlled by Microprocessor for PLL programming and use unique modulation technique based on mixed signal for maximum jamming efficiency.

Each module of TSJ1390LT-H transmits unique noise signal which create “firewall” between the transmitter and its receiver.

The jamming signal is being generated by Multi-VCO chain which results very high sweeping time along the bands hence create high RF density in each part of protected frequency band.

Jamming radius of TSJ1390LT-H depends on several conditions such as transmitter frequency and output power, distance to receiver and obstacles between.

System modularity allows flexible usage in different applications.

The system use Broadband Omni-Directional antennas for 360º protection.


Systems have 3 modes of operation:

Sweep Mode

Jamming the whole frequency band at an ultra-fast

Speed continuous sweeping.


Jamming 4-5 GSM  frequencies -pre-programmed.

Open Communication Window

Allows open communication from 5 pre-programmed options.

Thus frequencies can be changed in factory when customer needs.

  • Designed to block wireless communication including HF(high ), VHF, UHF, SHF (P), Cellular Networks, Satellite Phones (L), GPS etc.
  • Output power up to 150W per band –total 1500W )
  • Modules of Jammer operates separated;
  • Separate switch ON/OFF and switch Operation Modes control for each frequency band.
  • 3-4 External antennas(VHF(20-120Mhz) , 2xUHF ,)min.
  • 13-14 special antennas in covert roof box ( winter roof box)
  • Remote control
  • Specific signal source per band for maximum jamming efficiency



  • Special Military Units,
  • Special Police Units,
  • VIP Protection,
  • Bomb Disposal,
  • Convoy Protection etc.

Frequency Band, MHz Equipment In Use Output Power
20-118 Cordless Analog Phones, CB, Wireless Toys etc. 150
118-400 Cordless Analog Phones, 2 Way Communication Radio, Wireless Toys etc. 150
400-500 2 Way Communication Radio, TV UHF I etc. 100
500-800 2 Way Communication Radio, TV UHF I etc. 50
800-850 Cellular etc. 100
850-900 Cellular CDMA 100
900-960 Cellular GSM 100
960-1200 Wireless Communication, TACAN, DME 40
1200-1350 Emergency/Military GPS 40
1350-1520 Satellite/OmniSTAR L-Band 40
1520-1805 GPS, Satellite, Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat 40
1805-1880 Cellular HGSM (DCS) 100
1880-1990 Cellular etc. 100
1990-2110 Wireless communication 50
2110-2170 UMTS – 3G 100
2170-2500 MMDS 50
2500-3000 MMDS 50
Total 17 1360


  • Special alternator 200A (add on –used only for the jamming systems )
  • 8X Backup Battery; TOTAL 800 AH
  • special electric board
  • Omni Directional Antennas;
  • Directional Antennas;
  • Cables Install Antennas;
  • Units Remote Control– Switch ON/OFF and Switch Operation modes;
  • 2X Special 19″ rack (20U) to contain Modules.
  • Few mobile boxes for the antennas, cables ,Connectors and other equipment
  • First aid box
  • Self support air condition (used only when the car is in GSM jamming operation –work with outdoor generator )
  • 01 Electric Generator: 2 KVA; ( 1.6 KW )
  • Flir System for Night driving
  • Police siren and police lights
  • Radiation protective window cover material

  • To enable uninterrupted -3-4 hours operation of all the jamming systems within the vehicle –with NO motor operation ,  the vehicle will be equipped with 2x 4x100AH  special batteries  systems
  • A special charger (included in the cabinet equipment) will be supplied
  • Additionally a 220V/26vdc – power converter will be connected to the generator operational system enabling charging the batteries from the generator. (the generator can act as power supply for the Air condition or as batteries charger not both!)
    The 400 Ah/24V (8 x 100AH) battery system is specifically intended for the JAMMING equipment only.


The main power supply board is mounted in the equipment cabin.

  • The board contains the following components:
  • Ground insulation monitor for the generator (for testing insulation between the zero phase and the ground in the vehicle to prevent electrocution when connecting the generator to the car/air condition )
  • Main cut-off switch for grid connections
  • Semi-automatic switches
  • 220/24VDC power converter for the generator -as backup charger source Selector switch
  • The ground insulation monitor operates according to the International standard: MIL-STD-810D METHOD 514.3


The vehicle will have a cupboard for storing additional measures for

activities of the “JAMMING operation team”



For the VIP jamming vehicle system – (including the vehicle ) 734,000 USD




The prices do not include transport cost from Israel to the country destination, Or any other tax or duty payable on the vehicle or its equipment at the point of delivery.

The price includes all charges due to import the car to Israel and Custom bank guaranty.



The equipment will be supplied with a complete set of documentation including user operation manuals and maintenance manuals (in English).

The training for the users and maintenance personnel will be done in English for the duration of 5 – 4 days, and will be executed at no additional cost.