Armoured Vehicles

We use the latest in armoring technology to install materials of only the highest quality. Our vehicles are capable of achieving a withstanding impacts from European B7 NIJ IV armor-piercing ammunition while remaining indistinguishable from their original appearance.

Tactical Vehicles

Our integrated solutions for vehicle protection include various tactical vehicles for a full range of platforms. Our tactical products include troop transport vehicles, pursuit vehicles, armored personnel carriers, command and control vehicles and riot-control trucks.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking spy equipment is a superb aid to help monitor and protect your car and other valuable assets.  Should your vehicle be stolen, car-jacked, or you simply wish to monitor your employees movements, then there are fantastic spy gadgets and vehicle tracking systems that can help

Surveillance Equipment

Our CCTV Division can handle the smallest or biggest requirement of CCTV & Video Surveillance equipment. We offer a wide variety of CCTV & Video Surveillance products; from high end multi-functional systems to low cost products designed for smaller applications.

Personal Protection

Specialized supplier of high quality, cost effective body armour, personal protection and survival kit including stab proof vests, bulletproof vests, kevlar vests, combat boots, ballistic helmet, ballistic Plates. With our proven track record in supplying the best equipment, very often to those people who are most likely to put themselves in harms way.

Intelligence Equipment

Our state of the art surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment can detect illicit eavesdropping devices or be used to track, trace and monitor a mobile phone. With constant technological and innovative advances in electronics, we are consistently updating our product range with the latest innovation that we have fully tested and evaluated.

Sales and Letting

We provide professional letting and property sales service which embrace the principles of quality and customer care. We do this by offering specialist services in property rental and residential lettings. With an extensive selection of property to rent including houses, apartments, homes, city flats and studio flats, we have the right choice of properties to fulfill your property needs.

Commercial Property

Our Commercial Division provides investment, agency and professional services across core sectors of office, retail, and other emerging sectors across the UK and global markets. We apply the highest standards of quality and integrity in all our services, our reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything we do is earned day in and day out by serving our clients and earning their trust.

Management and Construction

We have outstanding capability and an enviable track record in the construction and property management. Our approach is positive, flexible and innovative and our probity and professionalism are second to none. Our range of work is varied from the four unit bespoke development to overseas property management.